Myles & Fransel

Myles & Fransel Zine & Comic Series

Boyfriend magicians trying to make ends meet by taking on whatever odd jobs come their way.  

We really just wanted an excuse to craft a story where we could put bunny and fox ears on our protagonists. Success! We were also able to nerd out with the magic system we created.

Myles & Fransel: Magicians for Hire, Sorcerers in Debt

Spells, potions, student loans…What happens once you graduate magic school?

A short illustrated story following two broke wizards on one odd job.

The characters also appear in “Myles & Fransel: Cave of Blunders” but both works can be read separately.

Prose with black and white illustrations, 28 pages.

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Myles & Fransel: Cave of Blunders

Magicians Myles and Fransel are short on spell components, supernatural concoctions, and cash! As soon as they figure out a cheap solution to their problems, they’re about to find out that you get what you pay for–especially with magic involved!

Hexy hijinks and slimy shenanigans await–hopefully, nothing they can’t handle!

The characters first appeared in “Myles & Fransel: Magicians for Hire, Sorcerers in Debt” but both works can be read separately.

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