Mission: Date Night

A series of romance & adventure comics starring notorious space pirates Selene Luna and Wendy Geaux, currently available in ebook format.

Rating: Teen

Note: Selene and Wendy first appeared in the “Spacejinx” webcomic! We wanted to make a fun one-shot for a convention, and working with these two characters ended up being so much fun that we decided to make a sequel comic.

Mission: Date Night!

Notorious space pirates Selene Luna and Wendy Geaux just want a quiet night out on their night off. Of course, when you have a sizable bounty out on your head, you have to worry about a lot more than how much to tip.

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Mission: Date Night 2: Tag Team Trouble!

Selene and Wendy thought their next mission together might go more smoothly than the last. However, disguising themselves as wrestlers with the galaxy’s biggest promotion in order to steal the prize belt might be a flashier plan than they intended!

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