Fangs With Benefits

Vampire meets Witch

Fangs With Benefits

When a hapless vampire falls for a demon-summoning witch, trouble is almost guaranteed. Throw in a himbo vampire hunter, a shape-shifting succubus, and more than a few shady characters—it’s just setting up for a bad romance. 

Considering our characters from Spacejinx all started in a fantasy plot revolving around vampires, we’re really just returning to form with Fangs with Benefits

We’re currently working on this idea as a collection of short comics and minizines; while we have no plans of turning this into a webcomic, you can read some of the short comics below.

Main Characters

  • “Rook” Lee: An overworked grad student at a magical university with a penchant for dabbling in darker magic. Coming from a long line of skilled diviners, he’s spent his life trying to please his parents at his own expense. Ends up with Dante as his familiar through an accidental bonding ritual.
  • Dante De la Rosa: A dumb vampire masquerading as a bad boy even though he’s really a softie at heart. Can turn into a bat, which is why he’s stuck as Rook’s familiar. Loves blood (a good idea for a vampire), sugar (a bad idea for a vampire), and a certain witch (a terrible idea for a vampire).

Short Comics


Merry Solstice

Let Them Eat (Pan)cake!

Miscellaneous Art

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