Crown Royale: Ruffled Feathers

Cover to the Crown Royale comic anthology
Tristan holding Dom's wrist as he touches his mouth

Crown Royale: Ruffled Feathers

Comedic re-imaginings of classic fairy tales with a BL twist!

This was the first print anthology we participated in—and it’s what started our comic/zine career. We submitted the “Ruffled Feathers” short, inspired by the tale of The Seven Swans (the number of swans varies based on the source).

Published 2010

Notes: This is one of our only comics drawn entirely in traditional media (the other being Sailors & Seamonsters). There was digital clean-up and lettering. We had plans to do a follow-up story about the adventures of Tristan & Dom, but it remains on the back-burner.

Ruffled Feathers Comic

Rating: 18+ for sexual content & strong language

Extra Art

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